What are the best insurance strategies at the moment? Insurance, superannuation and tax planning are now more integrated than ever.
Direct share ownership is a very popular mode of investing for SMSF trustees. That being said, there are investment and tax mistakes that are best avoided.
Buying a home is a major investment but can return significant financial gains to kick-start your wealth-building program.
Planning for the future starts with a budget and we have written this eBook to help you start the process of getting your budgeting in order.
Did you know you may be able to use your super to buy an investment property? This eBook has been written to help you navigate this opportunity and understand the risks.
There are certain steps and habits, that if acted on and followed lead to very positive financial outcomes. We have written this eBook to highlight some of the more important ones.
Would you like a Quick Financial Health Check? Download this easy to use tool that helps you evaluate the current health of your finances.
There is so much information available now about refinancing. But information does not equal knowledge.
Everyone wants to have some idea if they are on track for a comfortable retirement or if they are not, how far off are they?
We have produced this eBook so clients have a foundation level understanding on how to invest in Commercial Property within an SMSF.
Find out how you and your partner can work together as a team to create a more prosperous future together.
We have produced this eBook to bring together a collection of ideas and strategies that can help you to pay off your mortgage and sooner.
An SMSF is a very important decision. The fewer mistakes you make the better. This eBook is written for anyone considering an SMSF and is not sure what to expect.
Superannuation and taxation can’t be avoided in Australia. Learn strategies on how you can use these financial vices to enhance your situation.
Negative gearing is a strategy used by many investors. In this free eBook you will find out the essentials in assessing this tool as part of a wealth creation strategy.
With the popularity of SMSFs on the rise, more and more Australians are looking at borrowing to invest and buy property with their superannuation.
A testamentary trust is one of the most powerful estate planning tools available. They can can have a wide-reaching and multi-generational impact on family wealth.
Coming into money brings opportunities and challenges, and in many cases, mixed emotions. Recipients of new wealth have many financial issues to consider.
High income and high net worth clients have unique issues that they need to consider in their planning. Finding advice that caters for those issues can be harder than you think.
Salary packaging can possibly allow you to pay for expenses from pre-tax salary and increase your net cash flow.
A classic question in the property market has always been – buy or rent? Rentvesting allows you to do both. This eBook will help you understand the Rentvesting strategy.
Downsizing is one of the biggest and hardest decisions you may ever make. More and more Australians will grapple with this challenge in years to come.
Leaving or losing your job is surely one of the most stressful events we could experience. This eBook is designed to give you some guidance to help you through this tough time.
CGT can be a large and unexpected expense. This eBook has been written to examine the strategies available to legally manage your tax liability.
Personal estate planning is often overlooked and even when we do get around to it there is a long list of mistakes that should be avoided.
Planning for retirement has never been harder as we now live in a world where markets are more volatile than at any other time in history.
This eBook has been written to give some insight into the issues that need to be considered and to help you avoid costly mistakes when buying property in super.
Getting into the property market is the hardest it has ever been. In this eBook you will learn the strategies to help your adult children break into the market.
Selling your business is one of the most important financial transactions. It is important to approach it armed with as much information as possible.
If you’ve changed jobs over the years, it’s likely that you’ll have more than one superannuation account.
If you’ve changed jobs over the years, it’s likely that you’ll have more than one superannuation account.
Women have some specific financial issues and concerns that they are faced with. This eBook has been written to help you understand those issues and navigate them.
Not all Financial Planners are the same. Being able to distinguish between all the different types of planners is not easy. So how do you find the best advisor for you?
We have written this eBook for the ever increasing number of New Zealander’s migrating to Australia.
With the help of author Alison Nancye we have produced an eBook focused on helping you manage your change of career.
Should I buy an investment property or a home? This question is being asked by more and more Australians in the last 5-10 years as getting into the property market gets harder.
We have produced this eBook to help shed light on a wide range of both simple and complex issues relating to LRBAs (Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements).
If you earn over $300,000 then you owe extra tax on your super contributions. It’s called Division 293 Tax. Learn more about this tax.
This eBook has been written for our existing and prospective clients to outline many of the costly mistakes that should be avoided with negative gearing.
Do you have a Family Trust or are you considering one? Read this eBook to avoid many of the mistakes people make.
Granny flat construction is on the upward trend in Australia. Be aware of the potential pitfalls before embarking on development of a granny flat.
Many investors feel that they don’t understand annuities and find them confusing, but they can be a powerful part of a diversified portfolio.
Whether it is coming to the end of the financial year, or July, purposely planning for taxation and superannuation can assist to minimise the tax you pay and maximise your retirement nest egg.
Going to an auction unarmed with knowledge is a dangerous thing to do. This eBook will give you an insight into how to best survive in an auction environment.
Buying off the plan has its advantages and pitfalls. This is a unique eBook written for those interested in embarking on such a strategy.
Are you considering establishing your own Self Managed Super Fund? This unique eBook has been written specifically for you.
This eBook has been written for those immigrating to Australia from anywhere in the world with the objective of making the transition easier and smoother.
VicSuper is one of the largest public sector super funds in Australia. Many of our prospective and existing clients have VicSuper accounts. We have written this eBook for them.
Living and working away from home is a reality for many Australians. You may work for an employer that offers a LAFHA.
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a managed investment vehicle that you can use to access a wide variety of investment markets.
If you’re considering Aged Care for yourself or one of your loved ones, it’s important to understand the basics of how Aged Care works in Australia before you make any decisions.
It’s important to understand common investment decision-making mistakes and how you can avoid them. At the end of the day, good investment decision-making lowers your risk and improves your returns.
The Pension Loans Scheme is a federal government initiative to help Australian retirees to supplement their income. Many Australian retirees have the bulk of their assets tied up in residential property.
In this eBook, we look at each of these 17 key government financial benefits, their specific eligibility requirements, and how you can claim them.
It seems change is the only constant in these turbulent times. Here are ten trends that will have an impact on the retirement of Australians.
The purpose of this eBook is to provide information about end of year tax and superannuation planning, with a special focus this FY2020 on COVID related issues.
Living and working away from home is a reality for many Australians. You may work for an employer that offers a LAFHA.
VicSuper is one of the largest public sector super funds in Australia. Many of our prospective and existing clients have VicSuper accounts. We have written this eBook for them.
If you need to take out life insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones, you have three broad options. This eBook examines the pros and cons of each one.
In this eBook, we will look at the pros and cons of keeping your home and renting it out versus selling it. We will also look at a number of case studies.
In this e-book, we explain the key differences between ETFs, LICs and unlisted funds. We also provide answers to FAQs and outline the pros and cons of each investment option.
Discover strategies to legally minimise your tax obligations as an individual or a business as well as strategies to grow your superannuation.